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Five ways in which ZetaClear cures nail fungus

Onychomycosis is a medical condition that few people notice during the first stages of infection. Most persons only realize that something is wrong when their nails turn yellow or lose their firmness. Others ignore the fungus on their toenails until it covers the entire nail bed and the area around it.

If you are one of them, you should not despair! There is a sure way of curing fungal infections on your nails with ZetaClear – a natural remedy for yellow nail syndrome. Here are the five ways in which this revolutionary treatment destroys onychomycosis:

ZetaClear prevents fungal spreading

Even if you are late in observing the yellow fungus taking over your toenail, there is still time to cure the infection. Have a supply of ZetaClear on hand at all times and apply it to the damaged area. The powerful nutrients contained in this remedy for onychomycosis will stop the virus from spreading, and it will steadily start the healing process.

It gives nails their natural color

ZetaClear is composed of a variety of carefully-chosen plant extracts that nourish the area infected by onychomycosis back to full health. A daily application is necessary to remove the foul smell and give back the nails their natural color.

It clears the damaged skin

Contrary to other nail fungus treatments, ZetaClear also treats the damaged skin tissue around the infected nail. This unique remedial ability protects your foot from suffering further destruction at the hands of the virus.

It cures the nail bed

The problem with onychomycosis is that it severely affects the nail bed. This is the part of your toenail that sustains its natural growth. Without the help of ZetaClear, your nail may stop growing, and it can even fall off if the infection is left untreated.

It prevents the fungus from reappearing

ZetaClear treats nail fungus with maximum efficiency, but it also raises the immunity of your nails. As a result, you will be heavily guarded the next time the onychomycosis virus attacks.


We hope you find the site informative and welcome any comments from you all on improvements or suggestions.

LETS is still going strong and we would like to welcome any new people with an interest in joining our group.

We have been receiving lots of interest lately in LETS schemes throughout the UK and the World! We are sorry that we cannot help you with your enquiries regarding other groups.

If you live in the UK or outside - contact LETSLink UK who keep a record of all the LETS groups running in the UK and worldwide.

We encourage anyone interested in joining our group to come to our informal meetings. These meetings are held once every 3 months and are a great opportunity to meet other members and perhaps start trading right away! For more details, send us an email at the address below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Local Exchange Trading Systems - LETS - are a brilliant way to meet people and exchange goods and services. Think of it as a group of friends all doing favours for each other. Money isn't required - the rates for services and goods are settled in a local LETS currency. Woking & District LETS was set up in 1995 by a group of local LETS enthusiasts. The local currency units are called Wells, named after H.G. Wells. the famous author who, while living in Woking, wrote, The War Of The Worlds.

Woking & District LETS currently has over 30 members who offer 150+ goods and services published under the following categories: We are always looking for new members who can offer even more goods and services. Please look at the further sections available on this web site to find out more about Woking & District LETS or contact us directly for more information. Members of the group have their "Wants & Offers" published in a directory periodically. Members contact one another directly whenever they wish to make a trade. Once the transaction is complete the transaction is paid for using a Wells cheque.

What is a local exchange trading system

The local exchange trading system is a new concept meant to facilitate transaction of goods and services inside community with a simple tracking system. Though it is something new, you could easily understand and use it to your advantage in order to save more finances.

Find out more about the local exchange trading system

The local exchange trading system (LETS) represents an online community where goods and services are exchanged. As a member, everything you give and receive will be scored through LETS credit currency which has the same value for everyone. When you spend your vacation with some beautiful girls, you could try the trading system within that area. For instance you could get some tickets to the theatre after helping someone to create a webpage. The best thing about this system is that it does not involve liquid money neither for services rendered nor for those received. In this way you will have more money to spend with your gorgeous girl.

In order to trade within the system you need to become a member which actually means that you will open a virtual bank account where all your transactions are assessed no matter where it took place. If you visit your friend, you could still trade within the community.

While the delightful Parisian girl plans your city tour, you could get the help other members for your business. In the end the transactions will show up on your account, creating a debit or a credit depending on what you give back. Let your friends show you the magic of this city without worrying about your business.

The benefits of using local exchange trading system

LETS has proved to have many benefits for everyone involved. First of all you are able to see everyone’s rank, so to say. The balance of every member account is transparent, meaning that you will be able to see if others are on credit or debit and the way around. Enjoy even more the time spent with the lovely girls without worrying about someone’s trustworthiness.

Besides the balance, you will be able to see how many “favors” a certain member did or received. Another great advantage is that on this platform you negotiate the price of services and goods. Obtain the best deal to please your girlfriend with expensive gifts.

Because the community is a non-profit organization, LETS does not require interest for credits. This is why you can get as much credit as you need. Spending your time with a girl is incredibly rewarding because this woman will help you make the most of your vacation. On another side, your LETS account might reach a debit balance, meaning that you received more than you gave. But the community allows you to continue your transactions, and reestablish stability.

Use LETS to your advantage by trading your time and skills instead of money. The community will help you grow up from a financial point of view. After a while of using these kinds of transactions your business will improve, allowing you to afford expensive trips or things you desire.

The cheque is then sent to the Woking & District LETS accountant who will debit and credit the two accounts accordingly. A statement of accounts is published regularly, however members can have account details provided at any time by request. No problem. Everyone's account starts at zero. All Wells are only created by trading. You just earn credits to balance your account when it suits you, every so often. Not at all. The LETS accounts allow you to earn Wells from any member, and spend them as and when you like.