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Local Exchange Trading System

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What can be traded?

Lots of people have heard about The Local exchange trading system (LETS) but few of them know what they can trade within this community. Find out what services and goods can be offered and received in order to realize if this system will work for you or how it could help you out.


More information about what can be traded within LETS

LETS was created in order to trade services and goods which are evaluated through points or credit currency. The services refer to your knowledge and skills. If you are good at creating business cases, you can offer this service to those who need it. In return, you could find a babysitter for your kids for a few hours with the credit received. So, all your skills could be used on this platform. The hours spend on performing the services are paid with LETS credit currency, following to allow you to get other services.

When get points for a service rendered it is not mandatory to get in return another service. You could receive goods for the points gathered. A Smartphone or furniture are just two examples of goods traded through this system. However, you are limited to what the market offers you. People trade various things within this community, from restaurant tickets to web applications development. You can start a business without too much financial capital but with the help of those members who have the skills you need. Thereafter, you can expand your business until it reaches the level you targeted in the first place.

Make a list with what you need and with what you can give in return. Money should not be an obstacle to your success. Become a member LETS to get all the benefits of this community which on a long term will ensure your financial prosperity.